I wasn't attempting to restart my acting career, but if I had been, I don't think the performance I did at my church on April 28 would be the one I want to point to as my rebirth on stage.  My choir director asked me to be the one adult character in a musical she was directing for several of the church school classes.  I was to be Mr. Adams, the playground manager at the new community park called Eden Park.  I posted my two rules, "Be kind to each other," and "Don't eat Mr. Adams' apples," and before you know it a smarmy kid talked himself and two of the kids into eating them anyway.  At any rate, things didn't always go quite as planned, as may be evident from some of these clips that Ann managed so snag.  Keep in mind, though, that I had only rehearsed the play twice, and only once through without stopping.  At any rate, "enjoy"!

Unfortunately for this blog, my last two videos, including the famous song I sing, are too big to upload here.  Check my Facebook page for these two gems!

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