Electric Lawnmower Trims the Competition!

When my Little Red Corvette (lawnmower) lost a back wheel back in late May, I was not sure how to replace it.  I looked for used lawnmowers online with no success.  I found a used one for sale at the Husqvarna, but they never called me back about it.  I even priced new ones at the various home stores.  A small one with a bag (I wanted a bag because I was tired of leaving piles of grass hay all over the yard) was over $200; small compensation for a lawnmower I'd paid $50 for 10 years ago and had given me faithful service with occasional tuneups and oil changes.

Then my brother Scott told me about an electronic mower he'd just purchased and how satisfied he was with it.  I checked at the local Lowes and, sure enough, they had a fancy electric mower for less than $200.  I was hooked and so I bought it back in June.

Needless to say, I'm quite enamored now with my lawn beast.  It has lots of features which my old one didn't and, except for having to throw the cord around occasionally to keep from running over it, it works better than any lawnmower I've had before.

Behold!  My lawnmower and I, and the yard after a good electric mowing:

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