Bathroom Remodel 2015

Going back here to my blog, I'm embarrassed to see that it's been over a year since I posted anything here.  Coincidentally, the last post was about our fantastic dishwasher and our vent fan over the stove.  This year, we've come up with something even more outrageous.

These are pictures of our old bathroom.  I did the tile floor about 10 years ago, and the tile walls about 9 years ago.  They worked out well, but the whole thing needed to be replaced:

When our tub recently started making strange noises when we got into it, I decided we needed more than a bathtub replacement.  We decided on a whole new bathroom.  It took us several months to pick out the new materials and get the contractor scheduled to do the work, but we finally got it started on April 20.  After two weeks of living away from home so the contractors would do their work, we have a completely new bathroom.  This is the shortened version of the overview because I had a size limit on this site, but you can see the longer, less rushed version on YouTube.  Just look for "Jody's new bathroom."  Enjoy (we are!):